Why are businesse still writing down our credit card info?

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It is almost 2019 and companies are still writing down credit card information?!

That isn’t very safe.

I asked a woman taking our new windows deposit over the phone where she was recording my card information. She said, “At the top of the work order.” For all to see?

Oh hell no.

So, I refused and had to drive to the store to have them swipe my card.

Does your business or do you know of a business that stores and/or takes credit card information manually? When you give credit card information over the phone, are they typing it into a virtual terminal or scribbling it onto a piece of paper? ASK THEM! If they are writing it down, tell them that there are safer and cheaper ways to take credit cards!

Credit card merchant salespeople call my clients constantly! It is a huge irritant, I know. The last thing that they want to deal with is changing credit card companies.

As an accountant, I never wanted to get into merchant services. But I am now! At the request of a client, I spent weeks researching options for credit card processing.  I searched for more than savings in fees. I wanted MULTIPLE ways to take credit cards with Stellar Support. I wanted integration with QuickBooks.

After the pure hell of dealing with various salespeople and demos, I found an amazing company called “SkyLine Payments.”

Check out this list of services!

• Month to month contract
• Next Day funding
• Beats every other merchant service quote, so far!
• Reprogram current swipe machines so no change noticed at the counter
• Virtual terminal to take credit cards anytime online
• A customized URL link to an online Payment screen with company logo, colors, and custom fields. (A URL can be placed on invoices, in emails and added to your website)
• Accept A/R or Sales payments directly into QuickBooks Desktop and QBO
• Interfaces with QuickBooks Point-of-Sale
• Options for re-occurring payments
• Securely stores up to 10 credit cards per customer for future use
• Offers customer ACH payments
• Friendly USA Support

I have since onboarded many clients to SkyLine Payments and can attest that they are a wonderful company who values long time relationships.

Interested in learning more? Let me know here:  http://bit.ly/SkylineQuote

No one will call. I handle all leads personally by email and I deal with Skyline Payments for you. If you have clients writing down credit card information, please share this post!

Thanks!  Sara Laidlaw-Woodruff

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