Trail Balance by Class for QuickBooks

Sara Laidlaw

Anonymous Person from Boise, ID United States
This application makes it possible to create a Trial Balance by Class in QuickBooks. It operated just as promised. One improvement would be to have the ability to include all (or autoselect) the class aliases rather than going through the list and choosing each one. There should also be a function to exclude a class from the alias table. (*Developer - I'm glad it hear that TBX produced what you needed! I do understand how cumbersome long class lists can be. That is one reason why I asked my programmer to add the ability to Cut and Paste in the fields to assist in quickly setting up the cross reference table. The table is also saved now so it should only need to be completed once. That was one of our biggest suggestions. As far as excluding class codes, please know that our utility must read all or none of the class list stored in the QuickBooks file. Then we can offer a replacement for each one, but this is before it reads the transactions. At this point, TBX does not know which class codes were used in your date range. Excluding class codes in the table up front would prove problematic and could cause an out of balance situation. Unused class codes are excluded from the exported file, so that was my goal in the end. Thanks for the suggestions! Sara)