Trial Balance Exporter for QuickBooks

The FASTEST and EASIEST way to export balances from QuickBooks Desktop!

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The many features that QuickBooks does not offer

  • Exports monthly J/Es in seconds

  • Exports Class codes for P&L accounts

  • Exports period change or as of a date

  • Exports account #s in their own column instead of embedded with the description/name

  • Exports the balances in one column instead of debit and credit columns

  • Export option with no headers or total

  • Provides a class name replacement table

  • Optional class code replacement table

  • Append class code in front of the account number

  • Remote Server Editions

  • Column for TaxLine code

  • Column for account name in addition to Account: Subaccount

  • Journal Entry Export option. Period change with up to 12 months in one column

  • Journal Entry Export option in Intuit's "IIF" format. Import into a new QuickBooks desktop file

Helping companies save time since 2005!

Huge Time Saver
Andrew Holman from Milwaukee, WI United States

This program is "worth its weight in gold" as it is well designed and saves us many hours of converting P&L statements with classes to usable trial balances. The ability to substitute class numbers for names is particularly well thought out. An excellent add-on for anyone using QuickBooks with classes that needs to use in a trial balance form.

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Suggested Uses

If migrating, do not leave your comparative financials behind!

  • Create J/Es to Start a new QuickBooks data file

  • Create J/Es to Migrate summary history to Yardi, Intacct, Netsuite, Etc.

  • Migrate monthly summary history from QuickBooks to a new accounting program

  • Report subsidiaries' monthly activity (period change) to your home office

  • Franchise reporting by store (By class name)

  • Analyzing financial data in Excel

  • Importing to a write-up, tax, or audit software

  • Create data to import into ProSystems fx Engagement

  • Prepare QuickBooks Trial Balance data for import

Technical Specs


Download TBX for a test run!

Download and read the short Manual here
Download and install TBX in Trial Mode here
If 25 records are not enough data to test, download a pdf of sample reports here

The Trial Mode is limited to exporting the first 25 accounts and will be out of balance. If you have a long chart of accounts, the export may not show an example of P&L class codes. Try testing a QuickBooks sample company.

To install:  Download (Do not Run) the "TBXSetup.msi" program to a folder on your computer.  Find and double-click the program to install. The unregistered program runs in Trial Mode.

There is no need to re-install after purchase.

TBX Screen shot

Sample screenshots of exported reports

Monthly J/E by Class

Monthwise Trial Balance by Class

Download Sample Reports - PDF

Which Version do you choose?

The software is the same across all options but has different licenses available based on the operating system of the machine installed.  Either PC or Server.

*Please choose carefully, as we cannot issue refunds or credits.


PC installed

This version is for QuickBooks installed on a single PC computer

Tip: Install on the same system as the QuickBooks Program.

You do not need the server version if your company data file is stored and shared on a local server or if you remote into your computer.


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1-5 User Server installed

This version is for QuickBooks installed on a Server

Tip: Install on the same system as the QuickBooks Program.

If you remote into an offsite SERVER that hosts your QuickBooks program, you need a server version. 


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30 Day Server Installed

This is the Server version of TBX but the license expires after 30 days. This version is perfect for short-time use when migrating history.

Tip: Install on the same system as the QuickBooks Program


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Trial Balance Exporter for QuickBooks
Trial Balance Exporter for QuickBooks