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  • Sent a basket of chocolate!
    Rhonda from OH

    (Posted by Sara) This customer was so happy with TBX and that she was able to use it on her cloud server at Right Networks, that she sent ouroffice a huge basket of chocolates and cookies!
    Thank you Rhonda!


    Works perfectly. Using this as the foundation of our excel financial reporting package.

    Shelly Sennikoff
    Director of Finance

    TBX is a life-saver! We utilize the Class function in QBs and we needed to be able to export data in three dimensions (by month, by class, and by account). QBs does not offer this capability so initially we had to export multiple reports and do a lot of data manipulation in Excel. Now that we've purchased TBX, we have the data we need in one export, with just a few clicks and the push of a button. This has reduced our time spent on monthly reporting significantly. To top it off, the customer service is always excellent. Thank you, TBX!


    Great utility program. Saved me a day or more of work by exporting by class from QB and into my tax software a real estate client with over 60 properties/classes


    Does exactly what I needed and Sara's support was amazing.

    Jack Higgins
    Friends Christian School

    I create all financial reports, budgets and forecasts in Excel. Regular net change updates for each fiscal period are essential. Without this utitlity I would be unable to use QuickBooks effectively.

    Robert Graham CPA

    I use this program for my accounting practice to export the trial balance. It separates the account number, the account name and the account balance into separate columns. This allows me to input it into my working paper software. Very slick little program, easy to install, easy to use! I spoke with Sarah once to purchase the product, but I've never needed to call her for support to install or use it. Although I know for sure she's there if I need her.

    Cindy Hill
    Financial Manager

    I have used TBX with 2 companies now and will not use QB without it. QB reporting options are limited and convoluted. TBX provides an easy and economical solution, allowing the user to quickly get concise financial data out of QB and moved into Excel where it can be used as is, a wonderful trial balance, or as data linked to your standardized financial reports. They are very responsive with product support and questions.

    TBX was a lifesaver!
    Gail Rayner from North Brunswick, NJ United States

    During a recent move from QuickBooks Enterprise to a new ERP system, our company decided to bring in several years of past financial data. Our ERP software company said "use the QB Trial Balance" to make journal entries for past history. Well, after entering two months worth of data, I noticed huge discrepancies! Never having needed or used a Trial Balance report in QB, Id id not know that QB uses an "As Of" Trial Balance, and what I needed was a "Net Change" Trial Balance. So after reversing all my entries, I began to develop the spreadsheets I would need to create the monthly net changes (a long process), and our financial advisor did some Internet research -- and found TBX. It saved me at least a day's worth of work and helped me meet our Go Live date. Thank you for a great product!

    Great Utility
    Robin Saxon from Savannah, GA United States

    What a great tool. In seconds, I can finally get a QuickBooks trial balance with the account numbers in its own field. Thanks!

    Great Product and Great Customer Service!
    Anonymous Person from Severna Park, MD

    Great product and great experience with ASB! We use an older version of QuickBooks and Sarah personally helped get us up an running. TBX accomplishes exactly what we couldn't get QuickBooks to do and will save us so much time! Thanks again!!

    Works Great!
    Cameron from WA

    Works great. Going to save us a ton of time. Thank you.

    Very cool
    Keith from Baltimore

    I can tell you that it is a lifesaver. I don't know why it is so hard to natively get a trial balance month to month change out of QuickBooks, but I was glad to find your product. It's easy to use and has been completely trouble free, looking forward to seeing where it goes from here.

    Thank You!
    Robin from WI

    Sara, Your program is amazing. Thank you for helping me. You made my night!

    Anne from Jackson MS

    Thank you, Sara
    This is a Godsend!

    Excellent Product for moving data from QuickBooks
    Ann McNeil from Chesterfield, MO United States

    A client moving away from QB wanted a download of the Trial Balance with class/account order. This program created thereport saving me lots of hours of excel work.

    Easy to use and Fantastic Support!
    Jon Baraniak from Louisville, KY

    This product works just as advertised and while it has a manual, I did not refer to it - it was that easy.
    I did have a problem, which turned out to be corrupt data on our end and not TBX. Sara's expertise in QuickBooks and her willingness to go above and beyond to make sure we could use her product has made quite an impression on us. Thank you,Sara!

    This product is awesome!
    Donna Meilinger from Yardley, PA United States

    After struggling with exports to Excel from QB, I was skeptical to try this product.
    I am so glad I did! Within the first 15 minutes I had it installed and a trial balance downloaded.
    So easy .... especially for the non-technical finance person. Highly recommend it!

    Great Tool!
    Tracy Cooper from Little Rock, AR United States

    Absolutely a lifesaver. Worked perfectly. No problems for install or setup. Good Job!

    TBX Trial Balance Exporter
    Linda Deangelis from Norwalk, CT United States

    I found a review of this product online while trying to export our QuickBooks trial balance detail. This product was all I needed. It saved hours and hours of work!

    TBX – Trial Balance Exporter (Version 4.4.3)
    TBX - Trial Balance Exporter (Version 4.4.3)

    Great Product. Works as advertised and the tech support is outstanding.

    Great product, amazing customer service
    Anonymous Person from greenwood village, CO United States

    We needed something to export the trial balance into Excel with the account numbers in their own column (just the last four digits, not the preceding header accounts) and this did the trick! Easy to use and works flawlessly.
    I did have minor trouble ordering it, so Karen and Sara helped me through. Both were so apologetic and concerned with making sure I had the product up and running immediately (even though I said it wasn't urgent). They really put their customers' needs first - much appreciated!

    This product is awesome!
    Angie Stock from Fargo, ND United States

    This product is awesome, it has saved me hours of data entry! This was also very easy to use. Highly recommend to anyonewho works with QuickBooks trial balances.

    QuickBooks trial balance exporter
    Jill from Colorado Springs, CO United States

    We use this program to extract a trial balance by class in order to import the data into our audit engagement software. It worksvery smoothly and saves us hours of time.

    Works As Described
    Steven Choi from Los Angeles, CA United States

    I really hate the stock financial statements that QB comes with, with their unnecessary column spacings and subtotals, and nooption to turn these off. This program is a great workaround to this, and to get your financial statements into a nice smoothformat so that it can be imported into other programs, or use as a drop in for other excel based documents with presetformulas.

    Great tool!!
    Reviewer: Jaymes Miller from Ft. Worth, TX United States

    This tool quickly gets the data I need out of Quickbooks in a database format so I can use it to run my financial models.

    Great product. Great customer service!
    Anonymous Person from Hilton Head, SC United States

    This did exactly what we needed - when we had problems with our data in the initial install we were given PHENOMENALsupport; they "remoted" in right to our system to see what was happening. Helped us pinpoint a glitch on our end. Would highlyrecommend!!!!

    Neat Utility
    Mark Gandy, CPA from Happy Valley, OR

    Periodically, I pick up a new client where I want to load trial balance history to my trial balance program, this toolis extremely simple to use. When I downloaded the program, I was using the program in minutes. No training is necessary.Does this tool add value? Absolutely! As a CFO/consultant, this is the perfect tool to extract Trial Balance data and populate itin other data analysis tool quickly. By the way, the price is excellent. At this writing, the cost was just $100.00. Sara, thanksfor marketing this neat utility. Mark Gandy, CPA Partner B2BCFO

    Huge Time Saver
    Andrew Holman from Milwaukee, WI United States

    This program is "worth its weight in gold" as it is well designed and saves us many hours of converting P&L statements with classes to usable trial balances. The ability to substitute class numbers for names is particularly well thought out. An excellent add-on for anyone using QuickBooks with classes that needs to use in a trial balance form.

    Trail Balance by Class for QuickBooks
    Anonymous Person from Boise, ID United States

    This application makes it possible to create a Trial Balance by Class in QuickBooks. It operated just as promised. One improvement would be to have the ability to include all (or autoselect) the class aliases rather than going through the list and choosing each one. There should also be a function to exclude a class from the alias table.

    (*Developer - I'm glad it hear that TBX produced what you needed! I do understand how cumbersome long class lists can be. That is one reason why I asked my programmer to add the ability to Cut and Paste in the fields to assist in quickly setting up the cross reference table.

    The table is also saved now so it should only need to be completed once. That was one of our biggest suggestions.

    As far as excluding class codes, please know that our utility must read all or none of the class list stored in the QuickBooks file. Then we can offer a replacement for each one, but this is before it reads the transactions. At this point, TBX does not know which class codes were used in your date range. Excluding class codes in the table up front would prove problematic and could cause an out of balance situation. Unused class codes are excluded from the exported file, so that was my goal in the end. Thanks for the suggestions! Sara)