Come to Boston!! Accountex Sept. 6-8 2017

Sara LaidlawBusiness Solutions, Nonprofits, Technology

Pass the word! I will be speaking on Wednesday, 9/6/17 at 9:45 a.m. on “Using Tech for Audit Prep.”

There’s a better way of organizing and maintaining PBC (“provided by client”) lists.
My audience is both auditors and client facing bookkeepers, controllers, accountants, CFOs and Executive Directors.

Discover powerful pre-audit and audit tools for online collaboration that will save time, money and confusion.
Replace complicated email threads, document version control issues and yearly process reinvention with a shared online environment in which all information is entered in real-time with highly customizable formatting. Make the most current data available to all stakeholders all the time. Get practical tips on what pre-audit tools are currently available, the strengths of each, how to set them up to create the most streamlined process possible—then leverage that information for subsequent audits.

Hear real-life examples of how using these tools can drastically reduce the time spent gathering and organizing information, and can optimize the time that auditors spend in the field.

Use my Conference $200 Discount Code “LAIDLAW”

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