Sara Laidlaw (Woodruff)

Sara Laidlaw

QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor
Specialty: Nonprofit Accounting
Developer: TBX Trial Balance Exporter

Fur-mother to Shelby Rose
Half of Sara-n-Mark

Accountex Leadership Council

• The thought leaders and advisors who build the vision in to the future for Sleeter Group and Accountex USA

Expensify Advisory Council

• Provide guidance on product development, marketing, and overall industry guidance

Other Affiliates:

• Member of Accountex Membership Group
• Member of National Society of Accountants
• QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor
• Accountex Session Speaker    Topic – Using Tech for Audit Prep

• Woodard Group Session Speaker    Topic – Migrating QuickBooks Desktop Data


Accounting Services Bureau, Inc. — Nonprofit Audit Prep and Consulting.
Outsourced Bookkeeping and Contracted Controller services.
TBX Trial Balance Exporter — 3rd Party App Developer.
A QuickBooks Desktop utility that extracts Trial Balances by class code,  net change, and more.

Past Owner:

ASB Payroll Inc. — Developed a payroll program for shipping companies with ILA labor. Sold 1998
Automated Accounting Solutions, Inc. — name changed to CNE, Inc. Sold 1997

Past Partner:

Exoticars. Inc. — Sold 1990, currently David Kuhn’s Restoration

Career Path: 37+ Years

Bonnie Hickle, CPA 1.5 yrs.
Spillane, Rhoads, Lebey and Seig, CPAs 4 yrs.
Merger with Price Waterhouse 1.5 yrs.
Accounting Services Bureau, Inc. 31 yrs.

Get to know Sara!

Well, if Sara had a dime for every time she misspelled entrepreneur, she wouldn’t need to be one!

Actually, she can’t help her restless spirit. Not one to take “no” for an answer or accept that she is unable to figure out a “better way,” at the age of 10 months, she was negotiating her naps.

At six, she fearlessly ran away from home but turned around at the end of the street because she does follow the rules.

At thirteen, she realized that making $45 cleaning the house where she was babysitting was much better than the .50 per hour.

By the mid 80’s, she was an accountant by day and restoring exotic cars by night.

When informed that Price Waterhouse was closing her write-up department, she bought it.

When challenged by a shipping company to find a program for ILA payroll, she wrote one and started a payroll company.

She learned that humor was the best way to handle a conference room full of terrified employees when tasked with teaching Peachtree. (Peachtree for DOS still gives her nightmares.)

Somewhere in her accounting journey, Sara became known as the local nonprofit guru leading to nonprofits being 90% of her client base. With remote access, her clients are all over the US.

When told that QuickBooks doesn’t export a trial balance by class or period, she wrote a utility that does just that.

The Lesson? Just don’t tell her that she “can’t” and get used to hearing “why not?”

At 5’12”, Sara is known as a friendly, curious, sarcastic, technology geek.

Sara’s purpose and passion lie in helping clients improve business processes in the most efficient and painless manner. She’s valued for her no-nonsense, down to earth approach to solving problems.

If you see her, say hello! Oh, and buy her coffee. She likes coffee.

Mark Woodruff

Mark Woodruff

Mark’s Bio

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