Trial Balance Exporter for QuickBooks

Trial Balance Exporter for QuickBooks®

Our TBX tool is an easy-to-use utility that gives you seven features that QuickBooks® does not offer when exporting trial balances to Microsoft Excel.

Exports P&L account class codes
Exports date ranges or “Net Change” in addition to “As of” dates
Exports account #s in their own column instead of embedded with the description/name
Exports the balances in one column instead of debit and credit columns
Optional class code replacement table
Exports a range of net change figures in monthly columns
Appends class code in front of or after the account number

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Technical Specs

“Tech Check completed for this solution. All Gold and Silver Developers have passed the Technical Review administered by an independent third party to ensure it meets our requirements for integrating with Intuit products.”

For in-depth information on the Technical Review, please visit:

Enterprise Desktop 2009-2017
US Premier Desktop 2009-2017
US Pro Desktop 2009-2017

UK and Canadian versions – Not guaranteed or tested by us but we have many Canadian customers.

Customers have reported that the operating system date must be English (United States) and the date set to mm/dd/yy.

Please test program in Free Trial mode before purchasing. No Refunds.

Minimum memory required: 128 MB
Minimum hard disk space required: 100 MB
If you use or have used another 3rd Party Apps, know that TBX requires the current QBFC10.dll.
While rare, some older apps are still using QBFC08.
TBX will not overwrite an existing QBFC dll file. The symptom is that TBX simply will not connect to QuickBooks.
Windows XP
Vista & Windows 7
Windows 8 – We have not tested Windows 8, but clients are reporting no problems.
* Please Install program as an Administrator.
Windows 10 – If you get a .NET Framework error message when installing:

Please test program in Free Trial mode before purchasing. No Refunds..

TBX simply reads the data and makes no changes to the QuickBooks file.
  • TBX exports by “P&L” Class codes only. Due to limitations within QuickBooks, B/S by class is unavailable.
  • Date format errors: Check your computer operating system’s date format.
    TBX does not recognize an operating system date other than mm/dd/yy or yyyy. Use Region “English-United States”
  • TBX will simply not work if it finds an equals sign (=) in a class name (Sorry, it thinks it is part of a command or formula)
  • Users must have “Full Control” security rights to the two “TBX” folders, found here:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\TBX

  • The Account Status option “Active” should pull all G/L accounts that have activity but sometime presents with accounts with no activity. TBX pulls what QuickBooks pulls so we can not control this odd problem.
Free Email support. Phone support, if necessary.
We are a small accounting firm and I may not always be in the office. Please email me at


  • TBX exports  “P&L” Class codes only. Due to limitations within QuickBooks, B/S by class is unavailable.
  • TBX will not work with QBO (The online version of QuickBooks)
  •  We are unable to export the B/S accounts.
  • It can not pull information from two fiscal years in one export.
  • It cannot open multiple company files at the same time and do a consolidation.
  • You can not install TBX on one machine and QuickBooks on another. They need to be on the same drive to talk to one another.
  • TBX only works with .QBW working files and not “Accountant” copies. A backup file  (.QBB or .QBM) will need to be restored to a .QBW first.
Only the first time.
Open the company .QBW file and log in as “Admin.” in order to link and give TBX access rights.

TBX works fine in multi-user mode and operates without logging into the file after rights are set.

Export without P&L account classes:
Acct #, Acct Name, Acct Type, Acct Descr, Acct # (without class code) and Amount

Export with P&L account classes:
Acct #, Acct Name, Acct Type, Acct Descr, Class code, Alias (Acct # w/class) and Amount.

Note that once in a delimited file, you may delete any unnecessary columns.

Choose an account “Status”:

  • Export accounts with “Non-zero” balances only
  • Active” All accounts with activity during the period
  • All” accounts in the chart.
You will be provided with a cross-reference table where you must replace the class codes with the same name, another name or any number.
Yes! TBX will work with sub-class codes, subs of subs and inactive class codes.

QuickBooks goes five levels deep.


A “Monthwise” export will export one year at a time in 12 monthly columns and a grand total column..

Use the month-wise export to obtain monthly journal entries when migrating summary figures to a new accounting system.
Franchises! When a subsidiary company using QuickBooks has a need to report monthly results to a home office.
Use TBX to pull information into Excel for analytic purposes and to send year end figures to auditors and tax accountants.
Export Trial Balance Data from QuickBooks to import into ProSystems fx Engagement®
Export Trial Balance Data from QuickBooks to import into Write-Up CS®

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